Year 1 of the @CryforByzantium Cycle

How time passes so quickly!  A year ago, on Orthodox Assumption day (August 15th) we kicked off the cycle of @CryForByzantium.  Since then, we’ve garnered 4.51 Million Impressions and grown to 8,800 followers.  I did work for a while on memes for new emperors and will try to pick that up again somewhat.  The images makes this fun and really brings history alive.

So watching engagements, your favorite emperor by far is Justinian.  Conquest is a good business in making your place in history.

top tweet2

In second place, Constantine is another fan favorite.  Something about this whole Christianity business is something you really reacted to.

top tweet

Other emperors which had high levels of engagement are Julian the Apostate, Heraclius, and Leo.

The emperor I’ve enjoyed playing the most has been Justinian II.  Such a twisted and misguided character was an absolute joy on the replies.

Our Audience

We have a very international following.  It especially warms my heart to see we have so many Turkish followers recognizing that Byzantine history is your heritage as well as Seljuk and Ottoman history.

byz history

With that, thank you for following and I look forward to bringing you the next 300+ years of the cycle over the next 12 months.


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